School Support

Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF)

By donating to IPSF you help all IUSD schools!

Please go to their website for more information.

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Help raise money for Greentree School by recycling your toner and ink cartridges. Bring in your used printer cartridges and any toner bottles to the school and drop them off in designated bins.

Also, any Orange County company can participate and name Greentree as the school they support! Just contact Linda Doverspike at if your company is interested. Weekly or monthly pick-ups from the company will be arranged.

Help Earn $ For Our School When you Shop or Bank!

In addition to the many great fundraisers that our PTA sponsors, there are several other ways that the Greentree Community can help fund some of the school's many important educational programs. For example, for every dollar spent when you shop at Ralph's or Albertson's, a portion will be credited to a student's education at Greentree.

Click on the links below for more information on how you can help support our school when shopping or banking!


Ralphs Community Contribution Program


By shopping at Ralphs you can help Greentree and your own child's Outdoor Ed costs!

When you register as a participant in the community contributions program under the Ralphs website, a percentage of every dollar spent will come back to Greentree on a quarterly basis. We deposit this money into a special account to help support our 6th Grade Outdoor Science Education program ~ and keep the costs down for your child to attend Outdoor Ed when he/she reaches 6th grade.

Since Ralphs no longer sends us the contribution list of names, the checks from Kroger have unfortunately decreased significantly due to non-participation! HOWEVER, the good news is we have just been informed that

IF YOU BRING the school office a copy of your own quarterly print-out showing your personal contributions for the past quarter, we will credit your child this amount toward their own 6th grade Outdoor Education.

  • Register every September and name Greentree as the receiving school.
  • Print Quarterly Statement (from on-line) and bring to school office.
  • Your credits will be assigned to your child to help reduce the cost of their 6th grade Outdoor Education.

Anyone can register who has a Ralph's Card including relatives and friends who name Greentree as the receiving school. In those cases, you must also bring in the relative or friends' statements so we can credit your child whatever shows on their statement as well.

Please join or register again each September for the

current school year!

Step by step website registration instructions can be found at or click HERE