Supply Lists

Office Depot will credit 5% of your total purchases to Greentree Elementary School if you let the cashier know you are a Greentree parent, student or staff member.

Smile Amazon will credit Greentree a percentage of your purchases, if you select Greentree Elementary School as your community recipient.

Greentree Elementary School will provide all necessary supplies for your child to have a quality educational experience. However, donations of any and all items on this list are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Please write your child’s name on his/her backpack (no wheeled backpacks), on their lunch pail and outer clothing.

TK/kindergarten (darwish, doty, sayce, VYN)

2021-2022 00-2021-2022_-_tk_k_1st_sai_2_supply_list.pdf    0-2021-2022_kinder_supply_list.pdf

  • Anti-bacterial hand-wipes

  • Color copy paper

  • Copy paper

  • Crayola crayons

  • Glue sticks

  • Kleenex tissue boxes

  • White cardstock

  • Ziploc gallon freezer bags

  • Ziploc sandwich bags


2021-2022 1-2021-2022_-_1st_grade_supply_list.pdf

  • #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga ONLY pre-sharpened)

  • Crayola Crayons

  • Erasers

  • Elmer’s Glue Bottle

  • Glue Sticks

  • Expo Dry Erase Markers - Black ONLY

  • 2 large boxes of Kleenex

  • 4 containers of sanitizing wipes

  • 3 reams of 20# Xerox Copy Paper
    The following items are not required, but you may elect to include for your child:

  • 1 backpack

  • 1 plastic folder to keep work located

  • Personal labeled head phones with microphone feature

2nd grade (carlos, DAYTON, lozano)

2021-2022   2-2021-2022_-_2nd_grade_supply_list.pdf

  • Personal headset and computer mouse in a gallon zip-lock bag labeled with child’s name on it – to be returned at the end of the school year.

  • #2 Pencils – Ticonderoga ONLY please – pre-sharpened

  • Magic Rub Erasers – NOT Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  • Crayola Crayons (24 count) – NOTHING LARGER PLEASE

  • Glue Sticks

  • Elmer’s Glue Bottle

  • Scissors

  • 1 box Crayola Colored Pencils (24 count)

  • 1 pencil box

  • Reams of 20# copy paper

  • Reams of color copy paper

  • Box of Kleenex-type tissues.

  • Container of sanitizing wipes (no Clorox)

3rd grade (JAMES, LARSON)

We also require your child has a chapter book (from the library or home collection) at their desk. We recommend that your child has a quiet work space and supplies at home for homework.

2021-2022   3-2021-2022_-_3rd_grade_supply_list.pdf

Pencil Box, plastic (approx. 5”x 8”) loaded with the following items:

  • Two #2 pencils, sharpened

  • 1 small 3 inch glue stick

  • One 4 oz. glue bottle

  • 1 yellow highlighter

  • 1 red Ball-Point pen

  • 1 eraser

  • 1 pair of approximately 5 inch youth Fisker scissors

  • 2 pads of 3” Post-It notes

Other supplies to be stored in the student’s desk:

  • 1 box Crayola crayons (16 ct) – nothing larger

  • 1 box colored pencils (12 ct) – nothing larger

  • 1 inch/cm

  • Mouse (wireless is fine) & headset/earbuds in personal storage pouch/container

Donations listed below would be a tremendous support to the Third Grade classroom and will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

  • 20# Xerox copy paper

  • 1 ream, colored copy paper

  • Canister(s) of anti-bacterial wipes (no clorox)

  • Wide-ruled notebook paper (1 pack

  • Markers, fine tip (box of 12-16)

  • Sharpie markers, black/medium point
  • Dry erase pens, wide-tipped
  • 2 boxes Kleenex tissue
  • Index cards (5x7)
  • Box of #2 pencils, sharpened
  • I box of sandwich size and gallon-size Ziploc baggies


2021-2022   4-2021-2022_-_4th_grade_supply_list.pdf

For the classroom for students to share:

  • 20# Xerox Copy Paper

  • College-ruled lined paper

  • EXPOS Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers (black or colored)

  • Kleenex tissue boxes

  • #2 Pencils Pre-Sharpened (Ticonderoga preferred)

Stored in desk:

  • Ruler with inches and centimeters

  • Crayola Markers (24 count)

  • 1 small set headphones

  • 1 wireless mouse (helpful when using Chromebook)

  • 1 novel of choice

For personal use:

  • Small plastic storage/pencil box (no larger than 5x8 inches) to hold the following:
  • Glue Stick

  • Pencil Sharpener (hand-held with closed container, personal use)

  • Colored Pencils (12 count)

  • Scissors

  • Colored ink pen (blue, green, or red)

5th grade (ABSHIER, COLLIER, patterson)

We also recommend having supplies at home for homework. Items will likely need to be replenished throughout the year. It is recommended that any expensive and very special items are saved for home use only.

Student should bring a book of their choice the 1st day of school. We are looking forward to meeting all the new 5th graders!

2021-2022    5-2021-2022_-_5th_grade_supply_list.docx.pdf

  • #2 Pencils (sharpened) 

  • 3 Red and 3 Black Fine-Tip Felt Pens

  • Highlighters – 2-3 different colors

  • Scissors, 7”

  • Colored Pencils, 1 package

  • Two-pocket folder for each subject in these colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple

  • 2-3 glue sticks

  • Wireless computer mouse (for personal Chromebook use)

  • Headphones (for personal Chromebook use)

The following items are NOT REQUIRED, but are optional supplies you may wish to provide to benefit your child and the classroom:

  • Pencil Box (the smaller, the better – must fit in desk)

  • 2 boxes Kleenex Tissue (for classroom)

  • 2 containers Lysol Wipes (for classroom)(not Clorox)

  • Black Dry Erase Markers (for classroom and personal use)

  • Pencil Sharpener (hand-held with closed container, personal use)

  • Stapler (small for personal use)

  • 2 packs wide-ruled white notebook paper (for classroom and personal use)

  • 1 Backpack (personal use)

6th grade (ABSHIER, HUMBOLDT, taurman-miller)

We also recommend having supplies at home for homework. **Students should bring a novel to read on the first day of school!**

2021-2022   6-2021-2022_-_6th_grade_supply_list.pdf

  • #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened)
  • College Ruled Notebook Paper
  • Graph Paper (will use later in the year)
  • Highlighters
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Colored Pencils
  • Ruler, very important!!
  • 2” Three-Ring Binder
  • Subject Dividers (at least 6) – do not label yet
  • Pencil Box
  • Calculator, very important!!
  • Compass/Protractor (will need later in the year)
  • White Board Eraser or clean sock
  • Black Dry Erase Markers
  • Ballpoint Pen (Black or Red) for correcting
  • Fine Point Black Sharpie
  • Markers
  • Personal small stapler
  • Kleenex Boxes (for classroom use)
  • Lysol Wipes (no Clorox) (for classroom use)
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap (to share with class)
  • 3 reams of #20 Xerox Copy Paper (for classroom and school use)